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Friends boat trip Paris


Whether you are visiting Paris for the first time or are a Parisian, we welcome you onboard your private classic boat to enjoy the most beautiful avenue in Paris, the Seine river! You can privatize our boat for all your events: family activity, birthday celebration, bachelor and bachelorette party or a fancy "apéro" with friends on a boat!

Authentic Paris discovery cruise

Authentic Paris discovery cruise with friends and family

In two hours we will discover the different faces of Paris.

First the historic face, with the île de la cité where the "Parisii" people already lived in the 3rd century BCE and where Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is standing since nine centuries. The Seine river offers the best view on the most known Paris monuments and brigdes.

Then the local life with the banks of the Seine, part of the Unesco world heritage, where parisians take a walk and meet with friends on sunny days.

Finally the calm and nature outside of city center, with the floating village of the île Saint-Germain where people live on excentric houseboats.

Fancy floating "apéro" with friends

We welcome you and your friends for your "apéro" on the Seine river, from early afternoon to late night. We can arrange for you food and drinks but you are also free to bring on board your own snacks and beverages. 

Most parisians meet on the Seine banks on sunny days, you will have the privilege to do it on the river aboard your private classic boat. We will also go through the high speed area in Boulogne that can be a lot of fun if you like to go fast on the water. 

We can welcome up to four passengers per boat, so eight people can cruise side by side!

Floating apero on the seine river
Birthday celebraton on the Seine river boat

Boat privatization for celebrating: birthday, bachelor, bachelorette party!

Celebrate your event aboard your private classic boat!

Get together with up to eight of your closest friends or family and create unforgettable memories with Paris at your feet. 

We can arrange snacks, drinks and a cake for you but you can also bring onboard your own food and drinks. 

Please contact us to tell us more about your project, we will be happy to help you make your event unique.

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