Lakana Paris Cruise crew


Gaël and Raphaël have founded Lakana to propose Paris lovers an alternative to big tour boats to discover Paris from the river. 

Both Parisians, they love to share their knowledge and anecdotes about their city. 

They realized a dream when they left their comfortable job in strategy consulting firm for Raphaël and urban mobility startup for Gaël to go work everyday on the water!

Why "Lakana"?

When teenager, Gael has lived for one year in Madagascar with his parents, next to a fishing village. Every morning, he was observing  villagers going fishing on a lake with their traditional boat, Lakana boat. This is where his passion for sailing started!

Back in Paris, he had one idea in mind, bringing Lakana on the Seine river!

Gaël Rabeson

My greatest story with boats?

I did all possible side jobs in parallel of my studies to buy my first boat on the Seine river. 


I finally got it five years ago, a bayliner from early 2000's I used to perform my first cruises in Paris.

My favorite place in Paris?

L'île Saint-Germain, a floating village suspended in time we visit during the cruise. 

Only 15 minutes of sailing away from the Eiffel tower, you enjoy the calm and nature of the area, discovering the most excentric floating houses of the river!

Raphaël Oren

My greatest story with boats?

I have spent three months restoring an old Hatteras yacht in South of France, working all day and sleeping on shipyard at night. At the end of the summer I enjoyed one day of navigation, crossing the mediterranean sea to join the boat port in Corsica.

My favorite place in Paris?

The Batignolles, the Paris area where I grew up. Originally the area where workers lived, the neighborhood was unsafe until 20 years ago but is now one of the most charming area, with definitely the best cafés and brasseries of the city!

Batignolles is now the name of one of our boats!